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Building blocks for a great relationship!
Give your Puppy a Head Start and make it fun for your dog to learn.

Puppies are our priority and classes are geared to puppies under 6 months.

Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes & Foundation Training
For all breeds using positive and fun training methods.

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Dog Training Facilities

Newmarket, Ontario
Come visit our conveniently located facility near Davis Drive and Hwy 404.

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Capturing the Moment
A gallery of images from dog training sessions and competitions.

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Some free tips from a Professional Trainer

Dog training tips
Stuffed Kongs for a treat

STUFFED KONGS - To help your puppy settle in their crates/xpens, enjoy their crates, give you some down time or time to watch a movie with your puppy enjoying their treat.

Stuff the kong with some of their kibble or small biscuits then add in peanut butter and cheese whiz. I like to layer it with some kibble, peanut butter, small pieces of banana, more peanut butter, kibble and top it off with more peanut butter. Put the stuffed kong in the freezer and you have it ready when you need it. You can give it to the puppy either thawed or frozen. It will take them a little longer to get through the frozen one.



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Canada's original gourmet raw frozen pet cuisine.

  • *all recipes AAFCO Certified
  • *ingredients federally inspected by Canadian facilities
  • *meat/fish/poultry rated "AAA" or better!

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Dogs In Canada - Karey Grisdale
"I find that cross-training builds confidence in my dogs by giving them variety. A team that can multi·discipline is a well-rounded team," - Karey Grisdale, Keswick, Ont.
  • Just wanted to send you a big thank you for all your help with "Reese's Pieces". Your puppy class was just the ticket I needed ...
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  • I loved Karey's puppy class. She did a ton of foundation work. It was very informative for people interested in ...
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  • Karey is an excellent Instructor and provides a positive learning environment. Even though we were in a group ...
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