Testimonials from Happy Dog Owners

Hi Karey,

Just wanted to send you a big thank you for all your help with "Reese's Pieces". Your puppy class was just the ticket I needed to get my little guy off to a good start. Having a multiple dog household with both a service dog and a superdog, getting back to basics was great! Looking forward to more classes in the fall so please keep me posted. I am interested in getting both Ryder and Reese ready for their debut in superdogs soon and I am positive that working with you will give them the extra attention they need.

Thanks again.

Pauline, Romeo and Reese

I loved Karey's puppy class. She did a ton of foundation work. It was very informative for people interested in playing dog sports or just working on regular manners with their dog. Karey is a good trainer, she is very enthusiastic and really enjoys working with the puppies. We took several sessions with Karey and I would recommend this class to anyone with a puppy.

Mary Allen

Karey is an excellent Instructor and provides a positive learning environment. Even though we were in a group class, Karey provides individual attention and feedback to every student. I would highly recommend Karey's classes to any of my friends looking for a great sport foundation for their puppy.

Shona and Bender

Twist had so much fun learning in his puppy class with Karey. Lots of positive reinforcement and rewards. He especially loved practicing "recalls" to his favorite tug toy!!

Ida Bennett and Twist!

Nessa and I had a great time in Karey's puppy class. I definitely recommend it. She worked with each person and their puppy at their level and adjusted the exercises so that they would gain the most from them. It is a great foundation class for anyone considering sports with their puppy or anyone who wants to have a well mannered puppy.

Teresa and Nessa

Joey and I miss our Puppy classes, best start I have given a new pup in 25-ish years. Thank You.

Gail Elksnitis