Meet My Dogs

"CODY" [January 21, 1992 - April 29, 1998]
CH. & OTCH. Liberator's Red Storm Rising

#1 Doberman and #3 Working Group in 1997 for Obedience in Canada

Cody was our red smiling boy that loved everyone. He was a wonderful dog to live with, to train and was always making us laugh. Cody was my first dual ring Champion. Sadly we lost Cody too early at the age of 6 to Dilated Cardiomyopathy.


"JESSIE" [April 8, 1994 - March 2005]
CH. & OTCH. Judgar’s Just A Whirlwind

#1 Doberman and #3 Working Group in 2000 for Obedience in Canada, #3 Doberman in 1999

Judy Kauffedt (Judgar Dobermans) had decided to keep the puppy Jessie until fate stepped in. I needed another Dobe in my life and Judy gave up this special girl. It was quite a “whirlwind” becoming Judgar’s first Dual Ring Champion.

Jessie was a great companion who taught me much about training and handling. She was a devoted partner, willing to participate in obedience trials whenever she was asked. Even though her first love was chasing squirrels, running with the other dogs, and going after her beloved tennis ball.

"KAZZ" [April 12, 1998 - October 7, 2011]
CAN. CH. & ATChC. Tye's Just Dressed to Kill
CDX, Am CD, AGI, AHIJ, OAC, OJC, CGN, TT, ROMC, AAC Bronze Award of Merit

#1 Doberman and #3 Working Group in 1997 for Obedience in Canada

Kazz was a very special dog and was sent to heal my heart after losing Cody. Kazz has taken me on so many journeys. First conformation, then obedience and then we found agility and never looked back. We didn’t start agility until he was 4, but we jelled as a team and learned so much by taking up this new sport. Kazz was very outgoing and has been a joy to show in every ring. Kazz retired from agility at the age of 11. Sadly we lost our very special boy at the age of 13 ½. He is deeply missed.


"KELSEY" [February 24, 2002]
CAN. CH. & ATChC. Judgar's Just As I Am
CDX, AGX, AGXJ, CGN, TT, ROMC Silver Award of Merit

#3 Doberman 2009 - for Agility in Canada

Kelsey was just the dog I needed to help me to become a better trainer and handler. We have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride with some wonderful highs and a few lows. She has taught me so much. Kelsey loves her family and her friends. She is the only dog I own that always remembered her breeder and to this day still goes crazy when she sees Judy (Judgar Dobermans). Kelsey is a bit of a clown and makes me laugh every day. At the age of 9 Kelsey is still doing some agility, but really loves being home and playing with the Border Collies.


"TEES" [September 22, 2006]
Eyespy Tee It Up

Tees is my first Border Collie. My love of agility intruduced me to this wonderful breed. Tees is a small tri-coloured girl. Every dog comes into your life to teach you something and again Tees has taught me so much. Our focus has been agility, but we have also been doing obedience and herding. Tees has found her real calling in herding. She just loves it. She also loves swimming and playing frisbee with Rick my husband. She's a real daddy's girl.


"REASON" [September 25, 2009]
On Target's Isn't It Obvious MADC, AGN, AGNJ

Reason is my second Border Collie. He is a black and white split face boy. I wasn’t intending on getting a 4th dog, but sometimes fate steps in and he was just meant to be mine. Reason is a happy, fun dog that is just a joy to train. He is my consistent shadow and is up for anything and everything I want to do. Reason has been a dream come true and I could not have found a better agility partner! Reason won our Canadian Agility Nationals twice and we have represented Canada 3 time at the IFCS World Agility Championships winning a silver metal in 2015! We have been fortunate to travel with Team Canada to Italy twice, and Spain. We are excited that once again we earned a spot on Team Canada for 2019 and will be travelling to the Netherlands in April.


"Rhyme" [June 12, 2016]
On Target’s OffOn Poetry In Motion ADC

Rhyme is my 3rd Border Collie. She is a traditionally marked black and white girl. Rhyme is a sweet, super athletic dog that is wonderful to live with and train. We are just starting to compete in agility. I’m so looking forward to our journey together.


Trialling a Friend


CH. Falconbrook Get Up and Go Duet AGI, AGIJ, MADC, MJDC

Cricket is owned by my friend Bev Kolb who was kind enough to let me train and trial a small dog. What a great experience that was for me.

Cricket was a natural and loved doing agility. She was a joy to train and trial. We competed at the Master and Excellent levels. I miss the times we had in the ring together, but she is home keeping things in order at Duet.