Puppy / Foundation Classes

Puppy classes are for anyone that wants a well mannered family pet, and/or a puppy that requires a great foundation for dog sports (Agility, Obedience, Rally, Herding, Field work, etc.). We also offer privates.

What will be taught in class
Sit, Stand, and Down

Recalls - Come when called

Self control - Helping the puppies to make good choices

Walking nicely on a leash

Shaping behaviours and building confidence by playing games

Body awareness exercises

Bite Inhibition

Crate Training

Not Jumping Up

What to bring to class
  • A Hungry Puppy - please do not feed your puppy before class
  • A pair of dry (lace up shoes would be best) shoes to wear on the matting, especially in the winter months and during rainy days
  • 5 to 6 ft. leash
  • Flat buckle, snap collar, Gentle Leader
    [ www.buygentleleader.com ] or [ www.snootloop.com ]
    I have found some dogs like the snoot loop better.
  • Plenty of small easy to eat treats
  • Your puppy's favourite toy
  • A crate wire or Vari - I will have some crates available for you to use if you cannot bring your own. Crates will be used for crate games and it is a great way to get your puppies comfortable in their crates in another environment.
  • Proof of vaccinations

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

For date and time of our next classes please call or email us

Fun with Puppy Classes

*8 week course (1 hour classes). For more details, please call Karey at 905-717-5544 or email : kareygrisdale@rogers.com

Pre-register for puppy classes

Pre-Register (will return Feb. 2020): Please fill out the Pre-Registration Form and bring it with you to your first class.

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